LearnAsean (LA) is an initiative managed by ContentLab Sdn. Bhd.


We are committed to nurturing ASEAN’s amazingly talented and creative younger generation.


  • The LA initiative is an outreach and awareness program dedicated to building the ASEAN brand and to fostering ownership of the ASEAN community building process through all levels of society.

  • The LA Initiative is divided into several programs ranging from publications to thought leadership seminars and ad campaigns each designed to help target specific groups of stakeholders.

  • This year ASEAN will realize one of the key goals of the founding fathers by establishing the ASEAN Community by December 31st 2015.

  • It will be a proud moment for Malaysia which is helming the chairmanship this year. One of the main missions for Malaysia is to inculcate the ASEAN ethos in the region, hence Malaysia's “People Centric ASEAN” approach under its chairmanship.




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